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Are you passionate about the industry of sports business? Would you like to get closer to the industry or broaden your knowledge about sports from professionals in the field? With Sports and Life Business Talks you have the opportunity to learn from the best professionals in the sector in a 2 day seminar organized by Sports&Life Group.

Sports&Life Group is a global sports business company with offices in Spain, Mexico, Japan and S.Korea founded by the former FC Barcelona and Spanish National Team legend Andrés Iniesta. With more than 10 years of experience in sports marketing, consulting and content production, we work with brands and elite athletes to build strategies focused on the sports and entertainment industry.

We offer you the possibility to meet and listen to Andrés Iniesta and its working team, as well as all our successful colleagues and partners from the most most reputed companies and organizations in the sports industry.


Online talks.
Kobe, Japan


Friday, July 9th, 2021

Online Base Talks

Sports&Life Business Talks is run on ZOOM live from Kobe and our collaborators and staff will participate live from their locations. If you wish to know more about the Talks, speakers profile, and registration process please go to

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Dynamic Talks

Sports&Life Business Talks is a 1-day dynamic and short learning method from different experts in the sports and business field. This is a workshop about sports business that will help you navigate through the business side of sponsorships, athlete management, sports and marketing, technology and more.

A great opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of the global sports and business and the important role of relevant sports organizations through an easy, friendly, fun, and effective course suitable for professionals who want to expand their global knowledge in the sports business industry.

The panelists

Sports&Life Executives

Our team is made up of experienced professionals actively working in the world of sport business together with professional sports teams and world-renowned athletes.
We are a team with more than 10 years of experience in the sports business industry focused on creating effective digital content for sports marketing campaigns.
Many professionals of our Sports&Life family will be sharing their knowledge and expertise as special panelists at our Sports&Life Business Talks seminar in Japan.

Our partners & collaborators

A proven team of highly skilled businessmen, entrepreneurs, journalists, analysts, and editors with extended experience in the sports field. Our colleagues and collaborators will be presenting the world’s latest global trends and challenges of the sports industry. From professionals of the best football league to the use of big data technology for intelligent data-driven scouting and experts from the fastest-growing industry of sports & entertainment.

A Special Guest Speaker

As a special guest, we will have the honor to listen to Andrés Iniesta currently playing for Vissel Kobe and former player and legend from FCBarcelona.

-Most successful Spanish football player with 37 titles
-FC Barcelona, Spanish National team legend and Vissel Kobe’s Captain
-One of the world’s most influential athletes on Social Media
-3rd best player of the decade by IFFHS (2011-2020) after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
-One of the best players in the history of FCBarcelona

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